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Literature review of concepts and theories of Motivation

Motivation differs not only in kind, such as an individual’s being thirsty rather than hungry, but also in intensity. One can be more or less thirsty, more or less hungry. Intensity may be described by a word such as arousing, which refers to the energizing aspect of motivation. The energizing effect of heightened motivation can be observed by means of physiological measures as well as by overt responses. Measures of brain waves, skin conductance, heart rate, and muscle tension can identify the intensity dimension of motivation. Under conditions of drowsiness and low excitation, electroencephalographic recordings generally show slow and large brain waves with a regular pattern, while under excited alertness the pattern is one of fast, low, irregular waves. When aroused or excited, individuals also tend to show an increase in muscle potential, as measured by electromyographic recordings, and a decrease in skin resistance. Individual differences lead to variation in physiological responses under arousal.

Humans have many cognitive representations as goals, such as seeking new friends or striving to get a new job. Motivation, although influenced by external factors, refers to processes internal to the individual. Thus, others can set goals for an individual (Locke & Latham, 1990), as is done when a parent sets a standard for a child’s school achievements or an employee’s supervisor sets goals for work accomplishment. Often such an external goal is not motivating because the individual internally fails to self-set such a goal.

 research papers look at the Maslow hypothesis of the human need hierarchy.

A brief personal history and synopsis of his humanistic theory.

Maslow, A. (1943) ‘A Theory of Motivation’, Psychological Review, 50: 370-96.

Besides, motivation is a known concept of management science, and those student who prefer scientific academic style can try to find an interesting topic related to motivation theories or similar concepts in management. There is a great deal of various materials to analyze when working on such kind of academic essay about motivation. In management, most of motivation theories are based on human needs, like content theory of motivation. It is possible to analyze the works of Elton Mayo and Fred Taylor, who contributed greatly in theory of scientific management and tried to explain what factors play a role in how motivation works.

When writing an essay about motivation, it is possible to use plenty of ideas and quotes of other people on this phenomena. A great deal of motivational quotes and quotes about motivation are available online in special websites. Probably, every one of us has something (like a saying, a song, a book, or whatever) that can boost our enthusiasm and motivate us for doing great things in this life. It can be interesting to analyze your own personal motivator or attempt to find out what exact factor can motivate you the most. Such personal essay can probably be very interesting with its individual approach, compared to simple analyzing motivation theories or related academic works.

There are many relevant theories of work motivation

Actually, motivation is a topic which can give a great variety of choices for those who need to write an academic essay or academic paper. Those students who like creative approach and have a great deal of own thoughts and viewpoints on motivation can choose an argumentative essay style to discuss their ideas. Pros and cons essay is another type of academic writing which can be used for the topic of motivation. It is possible to argue for or against using monetary motivation at workplace, or using psychological pressure as a motivational tool for parents who want to motivate their children, etc. etc.

- Maslow Theory essays examine the theory of the hierarchy of needs developed by Abraham Maslow.

One of the assertions of the arousal theory of motivation is that our levels of arousal can influence our performance. This is commonly referred to as the . The law states that increased levels of arousal will improve performance, but only up until the optimum arousal level is reached. At that point, performance begins to suffer as arousal levels increase. Additionally, if you're doing a complex task, high or low levels of arousal will affect you more than if you're doing something simple.

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Activation Theory of Motivation Essay - Anti Essays

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However, in our times of technical progress, innovations and nano-technologies, such factors as laziness, procrastination, ignorance, depression, and negligence can get together and create a great opposition to motivation and inspiration. Those are the main enemies of everyone of us on the way to making our dreams come true and attaining our goals. They put to risk our dreams and desires, and can influence our total performance in this life. That is why only those of us, who are enough strong, motivated, diligent, resistive, and self-assured can win the battle and never fail on the way to the dreams and success.

motivation theory | Custom Essay Masters Services

Motivation, known as a strong and irrespective force which helps people to achieve what they want and aspire to, which can help overcome all possible obstacles and find the shortest way to the goal. This is an amazing factor that helped millions of people to get what they wanted and needed. Motivation goes hand in hand with such two essential concepts as inspiration and determination, which can help us pursue our personal and professional goals, reach financial independence and professional career success, achieve personal harmony and peace of mind, as well as other moral heights. Properly supported with strength of mind and courage of the spirit, motivation can become an unbeatable weapon in the hands of any one on the way to all sorts of success and much better life.

Essay on the Reinforcement Theory of Motivation (823 …

It is possible to even classify our motivation, mainly according to the nature of this phenomena and personal traits of its owner. So, some experts define power motivation, affiliation motivation, competence motivation, achievement motivation, and so on. Also, it is necessary to mention that motivation plays a huge role in professional life of any of us. If a person does not have a crave and high motivation for achievement, he or she will hardly achieve professional advancement and success. As you can see, there is actually plenty to write about on this exciting and interesting topic. Good luck with your academic essay on motivation.

Researchers have developed a number of theories to explain motivation

- Behavioral Psychology research papers examine the branch of psychology, also know as Behaviorism, that is conserned with the processes of the mind.

Free Essays on Psychosocial Theory Of Motivation - …

Motivation is the force which makes a human being act and do something to achieve her goal. Motivations can be of different type, but most of them are activated when one is in a crisis. For example, unless one is hungry, he will never do anything to find food or if one wants a car, he starts thinking about money and decides to find a job to earn the money. Motivation is quite a popular subject for discussion and research among psychologists; no wonder, there are many theories, which try to explain what factors influence human motivation stronger. For example, there is instinct theory of motivation, which says that people are motivated all the time, because it is a part of their genetic.

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The individual with high arousal needs, on the other hand, might be motivated to seek risky or thrilling activities such as motorcycle racing or skydiving in order to maintain his or her ideal levels.

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