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so is it better to avoid writing balance opinion essays ?

7) Cheating. I don’t necessarily mean cheating on a loved one, but cheating at school. After graduating from university, I went back years later to take some night courses. My university had problems with cheating. We used to be able to use any calculator we wanted for the accounting classes, but now, there was 1 particular calculator that could be used which was only available at the university bookstore. Students were programming entire textbooks and/or notes into their phones. Also, students were cheating by texting each other, taking pics of the tests/exams so share later on, jumping online to find answers, etc.

Yeah, i am agree. Nowadays over 96% of adult in America have using mobile phone for different aspect of life. We know that, there are many smart phones which is so expensive and the people who can not afford to buy it live in little stress. But mostly People can buy mobile phone and get gain from it. If we compare the cost with the performance that mobile phone done for us, it may be so less. So we can say mobile is a crucial budget for all human lives.

They do not understand that essay writing is important for developing their writing skills.

It a very interesting essay about mobile phone …lot of idea

It’s fine to write a clear, comprehensive thesis statement which shows your full opinion.

Firstly, Phones can annoy others when they are concentrating. This is because of its constant ringtones or the phone conservation might disturb and ruin the experience of people, for instance, a student who studies in library can easily focus on his study without using mobiles rather than he brings it there. Secondly, signal of mobile phone can cause serious problems in some public places such as hospital by interfering with delicate instruments or equipment. For example, any patient wears implanted device, cell phone can interfere with it and it could be stopped completely.
In conclusion, i definitely accept that mobiles should be prohibited.

I strongly believe that there should be no attempts to prevent anyone from using mobile phones in public sites. Not only would this mean a breach of the core rights of individuals, but it could also cause an emergency situation to be neglected.
Centuries of fights culminated in a free society, where people have their basic rights, such as talking on the phone or texting their loved ones, guaranteed by the state. Hence, were any policy against individual freedom of choice put into action, our civilisation would be moving several steps backwards. Obviously, it is expected that each one show their respect towards others while using their handsets, but by no means should they be forbidden to do so. History is full of such foolish ventures, and the results have constantly shown that this is the wrong way to go.
Moreover, those who stand up for the band turn a blind eye to potential emergencies or unexpected situations. Five years ago, I was in a 5 hour long train journey, when my grandfather had a serious domestic accident. Fortunately, I was able to receive a call straight away and take timely measures. However, had I not picked up my phone immediately, the outcome could have been tragic. In other words, communicating while on the go is a feature enabled by technology, which has made peoples` lives much easier and safer. There is no reason to go back in time and ignore the benefits from this.
To sum up, any civilised debate is healthy and people are entitled to share their opinions and suggestions about a whole range of topics. Nevertheless, when it comes to communication and, ocnsequently, to individual freedom, the community in general should think not twice, but three times, before adopting any measure to curb it.

You can write “In my opinion, I disagree that ….”Liz

hi Liz, please check my writing, i am a beginner here.
My target is 6,5.
Please tell me how can i get it? thanks in advance.
here my essay:
it is true that mobiles(cell) phones should be prohibited in general places such a libraries and shop and on public transport. I completely agree with this idea because of some the following reasons.

Moreover, with millions of apps available for almost anything you can think of, mobile phones are certainly the most useful tool for us today.

Hi Liz
please tell me , what is the meaning by agree or disagree in writing taks 2 ?
are we give both opinion in the task or we select one opinion and give reasons.

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Argumentative Essay: Using Mobile Phones

Essay on Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages ..

If you want to write about both sides then you must write “In my opinion, mobile phones should not be banned but should have restricted use in public places.”
All the best

advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones essay; ..

These days, it is common to find people using cell phones in various public places such as, markets, banks and reading rooms. In my opinion, I strongly believe public use of phones should be banned owing to several reasons which shall be discussed in this essay.
Firstly, it constitutes a form of public disturbance. The use of mobile phones generates noise in public places since you have various people talking at various voice pitches. This noise most often is unbearable to people who are present in these places. They are distracted by this noise which often limits people’s activities whenever they need to engage in certain activities for instance, reading in a library. Noise is highly intrusive and is often a nuisance to most people.
Furthermore, it is a potential health hazard. The generation of noise and radiation from the use of cell phones is seen as being harmful to health. Noise is known to be a form of pollution which is harmful to the human ear. There is a certain level of noise the human ear can adapt to. This level is exceeded by the use of mobile phones in public places as confirmed by medical experts. In addition, the generation of radiation by the use of cell phones also causes various cancers according to medical experts. This radiation is high when exposure to mobile phone radiations is more as seen in unrestricted use of mobile phones in public places.
In conclusion, the use of cell phones should be highly restricted in public places so as to prevent its potential health hazard to people who are not aware of the harm. Failure to do this may cause a burden on the populace and the government when diseases emerge because of this.

Importance Of Mobile Phones In Our Life | My Essay Point

If you disagree that mobile phones should be banned then your full essay should explain why you think they shouldn’t be banned. Any position you take but be supported through your entire essay. So, no it’s not possible to say you agree 100% with one side and then write a full body paragraph supporting the other side. Your whole opinion essay but explain why you believe what you believe.

Opinion essay about mobile phones | Donaldson's …

Ms. Liz , can I still write about people who agree with this (in one paragraph) although I disagree(another paragraph)? Is my opinion clearer now?

An Essay on Cell Phones in Schools and the Issues Surrounding It

Those three lessons teach you the fundamental ways of writing an IELTS essay. They show you the variety of structures, flexible linking, how to plan and organise your essay and what the examiner is looking for. With those skills, you should be able to answer any essay. The solution essay is either:
solutions only
problems solutions
cause solutions
Just follow the instructions and organise your ideas into logical paragraphs.
For direct questions, you will have one, two or three questions. Just answer them directly. If it asks “is this positive OR negative” it is asking for your opinion and you must choose.
I hope to have more advanced lessons ready later this year or next year.

Opinion essay about mobile phones | Gocycle

The wide range of cell phones use recently are getting bigger and bigger. As well, the advantages of using it has become crucail for everyone. I disagree with the banned law, Since you are commitment to the puplic rules I don’t see any necessity to be prevented . But I’m with rationing the usag of mobiles phones. due to the privacy of certain places.

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