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Q: Don't you want nurses to be compassionate? You seem uncomfortable when nurses are described that way, and you focus instead on nurses' training and skills.

A career in nursing can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You get to make a difference in patients’ lives every time you go to work. You can inspire others to continue striving forward when they have given up. You can even help bring people back from the edge of death! But first, you have to get accepted into nursing school. Most nursing programs require applicants to submit an essay as part of the application process. This essay is intended to show why the individual is worthy of joining the nursing profession, so it is crucial that it is well-written. There are 3 ways you can ensure your essay is one of the best.

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Hancock, T. 1999.

Strengths-Based Nursing Leadership goes beyond attending to structures. Leaders treat nurses as assets to be developed, not managed. They encourage relationships and create experiences that bring out the best in their nurses and in which nurses strive to do their best. They do so with purpose and with compassion, humility, curiosity, mindfulness and self-reflection (Gardner et al. 2011; Gottlieb 2012). Thus, strengths-based leaders "get it." They understand that their best investment is investing in people and relationships and securing resources to do so.

HI, My name is Holly. I am currently enrolling in Palm Beach state college to get a AS degree in nursing in hope to go as far as an RN down the road. I am a mother of five and we live on one income alone. Every month is a struggle. I want more then to further my education in nursing to be able to provide for my family, but don’t have the means to do so. I love taking care of people and nursing has been my dream job for years. Please, if you could provide me with any info, scholarship help or grants, that would be much appreciated.

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My name is Fritz-Gerald Louis, I am a Haitian born US citizen , a devoted husband, a proud father of four and a Born Again Christian. I have been living in the United States for 26 years, and I have been working as a school bus driver transporting special aid children to and from school for the past fifteen years.
I was a posthume child who was raised by my grandmother because my father was killed one month before I was born. Also, due to a lack of financial input, my mother could not raise six children on her own. I was always told by my surroundings that my father was an extremely good man and because of that, the entire village felt compell to contribute in my upbringing. As the former First Lady and Newyork Senator who is currently the Secretary of State under the Obama Administration, Mrs Hilary Clinton stated: ” it takes a village to raise a child”, that statement took application in my life.
The real purpose of this essay is to ask to be granted a scholarship to help paying for a nursing course that I plan to study at Mildred elley NYC campus. Nurses are in high demand in our country and as the elderly population is rising, we need more nurses to help taking care of them. I am a person who cares for the world being of other people, I am always told by most people around me that I have an altruistic personality and the willingness to help other people is one of the greatest qualities I have. Now, at the age of forty five, I would like to be a devoted nurse. I want to give back some of what I received and also continue the legacy of my father.
On july 19 2010, I will start my sixteen month journey at Mildred Elley to earn a certificate as a License Practical Nurse and hopefully to continue trying to achieve my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse in the near future.
With the scholarship, my road to success will be paved and my accomplishments will be achieved. My country was devastated by an earthquake on January 12th of this year, the whole world responded heartedly to the crisis, however, as a Haitian born, I would like to offer my services and I know that when I have the necessary skills to do that, I will and I know that the scholarship will help ease the way.

Exploring how to enable compassionate care in hospital to improve patient experience

In the rapidly changing world of healthcare and nursing, workplaces have to become continuous learning environments, and nurses have to embrace and embark on a lifelong journey of learning.

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If you do apply for scholarships and do not receive one, try applying for federal grants. Most times students will qualify for some type of federal funding. There are also federal and private loans that can help pay for your education. These loans will not have to be immediately paid back. You will be able to get started in your career after graduating a nursing program before the loans have to be repaid. It usually takes a few months after finishing that this will happen. It may seem like a lot, but it is well worth it.


Students should also be aware that if you leave school early or do not maintain acceptable attendance and grades, that you can lose your scholarship. You may even have to repay it. Read the fine print and ask your financial aide office if there is something you do not understand. Remember, your nursing career will pay you back a thousand times over if you complete your education.

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If we are to take on the strategy from the CNO and embrace the 6 Cs we will certainly need some of the courage she talks about. 'Go back to basics,' I hear many people cry, or get rid of the paperwork, or perhaps start to respect each other again. However we address the 6 Cs, we have to make decisions that will ensure all the patients we see/have influence over (for those who may not be direct care givers) are given the best possible care that they deserve.

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Strengths-Based Nursing Leadership understands that knowledge is power and that if nursing is to have power, it requires well-educated, dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable nurses. Leaders understand the importance of transforming their departments into learning environments where knowledge, information, self-awareness and research are valued activities because they know that high-quality practice is inextricably linked to these activities. They encourage self-reflection and mindful practice because these are important tools to self-knowledge and self-improvement.

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Among the attributes of a best-run business and a magnet hospital are respecting and valuing the individual, treating people with dignity and providing positive feedback about what they are doing best and how to do better (Upenieks 2003). Furthermore, in order to treat nurses in this manner, leaders must have the skills to recognize, uncover and discover strengths, and then to mobilize and capitalize on them. It is also equally important to understand one person's weaknesses or limitations in order to supplement or compensate with another person's strengths. Leaders also understand the importance of not only celebrating successes but the value of learning from mistakes as a way to develop strengths (Davey et al. 2009; Tourangeau et al. 2010).

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Thinking about your own career, who would your role model be as a leader? Mine is the ward sister on the very first ward I experienced as a student nurse. She was central to how the ward ran; knew all the nurses and auxiliaries, got to know student/pupil nurses (yes - I am old enough to remember the enrolled nurse programme), and also knew the consultants very well and what made them tick - including how they took their coffee and what their favourite biscuits were.

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