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Images of Anti-Temporality: An Essay in the Anthropology ..

What sets Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing apart from Temporal AA and similar efforts – and why NVIDIA thinks they will succeed where AMD failed – is the concept of temporal reprojection, or as NVIDIA calls it their temporal synthesis filter. By reusing pixels from a previous frame (to use them as pseudo-MSAA samples), the resulting frame can more closely match true 4x MSAA thanks to the presence of multiple samples. The trick is that you can’t simply reuse the entire last frame, as this would result in a much less jagged image that also suffered from incredible motion blur. For this reason the proper/best form of temporal reprojection requires figuring out which specific pixels to reproject and which to discard.

From an image quality standpoint, in the ideal case of a static image this would correctly result in image quality rivaling 4x MSAA. As a lack of camera motion means that the pixels being sampled never changed, the samples would line up perfectly and would fully emulate 4x MSAA. However once in motion the overall image quality is going to be heavily reliant on the quality of the temporal reprojection. In the best case scenario for motion Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing still will not perfectly match 4x MSAA, and in the worst case scenario for motion it could still result in either 2x MSAA-like anti-aliasing, significant blurring, or even both outcomes.

The Ingersoll Lectures on Human Immortality - Wikipedia

The Ingersoll Lectures on Human Immortality ..

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In their important article, McNulty and Fincham (2011) make several recommendations for the future of positive psychology.
"First, psychologists need to move beyond examining the main effects of traits and processes that may promote well–being on average to study the factors that determine when, for whom, and to what extent those factors are associated with well–being"
"Our review suggests that the psychological characteristics that benefit people experiencing optimal circumstances may not only fail to help people experiencing suboptimal circumstances, [people seeking therapy] but may harm them"
"Second, to adequately capture the moderating role of various contextual factors, we need to study the implications of psychological characteristics in the context of both health and dysfunction and in the context of both happy and unhappy people"
"As our review makes clear, the processes that benefit people facing optimal circumstances can harm people facing suboptimal circumstances. Accordingly, understanding how to relieve suffering requires studying people who are suffering, and understanding how to prevent suffering requires studying people at risk for suffering"
"Third, researchers need to move beyond cross–sectional studies to examine the implications of psychological traits and processes over substantial periods of time"
[Fourth] "Specifically, as earlier critics of positive psychology have contended (e.g., Lazarus, 2003), psychologists need to move beyond labeling psychological traits and processes as . Continuing to do so imposes values on science that influence not only what we study but also what we predict and thus report"
"we argue that positive psychology needs to be thought of as just plain psychology psychologists can have a fuller understanding of the complete human condition. That is, an understanding of the complete human condition requires recognizing that psychological traits and processes are not inherently positive or negative—whether they have positive or negative implications depends on the context in which they operate. Psychology is not positive or negative—psychology is psychology" (McNulty & Fincham, 2011, pp. 6–8).

Turner devoted to the above mentioned problem his research “Images of anti-temporality: An essay in the anthropology of experience”, where anti-temporality denotes alternative condition to the temporality which is limited by time.

In the essay "Experience ..

This paper responds to recently debated questions of “reading Dostoevsky religiously” by investigating themes of personal transformation and ego transcendence in his works. They are seen as the writer’s chief response to the crisis of modernity. Contrary to conventional wisdom that sees a uniquely Russian derivation of his religious ideas, recent studies argue that motifs of Eastern Orthodoxy are occasional, and mostly peripheral in his novels. The present essay concurs that religious ideas in Dostoevsky have a syncretic foundation, and argues that his religious themes center on the idea of authentic self, elements of which emanate from sources familiar to Dostoevsky in syncretic philosophy of German Romanticism and Neoplatonism. Instances of visionary experience, epiphany, and personal insight in Dostoevsky’s narratives posit the reality of transcendent awareness where authentic self is aligned with primary consciousness beyond the ego or apparent self. Prince Myshkin, Elder Zosima, and Alyosha Karamazov are discussed as examples of inwardly illumined characters, who typify embodiments of the authentic self revealed by insight of a numinous quality. These works and selected nonfiction writings are cited to show that the focal point of Dostoevsky’s critique of modern secular reason and so-called rational egoism is the pre-modern idea that authentic self is revealed by a moral and aesthetic vision emanating from a transcendent order of being.

Turner-On the Edge of the Bush Anthropology as Experience (Anthropology of ..

Once you can grasp the concept of changing sample patterns, the idea is actually relatively simple. And in fact like DSR it has been done before in a lesser form by none other than AMD (or at the time, ATI). In 2004 with their X800 series of cards, AMD launched their Temporal Anti-Aliasing technology, which was based on the same sampling concept but importantly without any kind of frame combining/blending. Over the years Temporal AA never did see much use, and was ultimately discontinued by AMD.

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On the edge of the bush : anthropology as experience …

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