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Help us share the lessons of Holocaust history.

This is applicable to many cultures indicating a renewed life.
Figure 1: The interior of the Holocaust museum’s Hall of Remembrance
Within the Hall of Remembrance, there is a rectangular black marble block, with an eternal flame atop it.

Abram Shnaper, a Holocaust survivor, had initiated the monument’s commission on the behalf of the Association of Jewish New Americans, a Philadelphia survivor organization that he had founded in 1954. Together with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, the groups raised $47,000 for the monument. Shnaper painstakingly documented the entire process, from raising funds, to writing letters to the artist, to sending telegrams to Israel to invite Israeli officials to the dedication ceremony. When I visited him in his home in 2011, Shnaper conveyed to me his wish that the documents stay in Philadelphia, close to the monument.

1. How does the history presented in a Holocaust museum fit within the context of US history?

New Issue of Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust

Celebration of Marty’s remarkable five year service to FL Holocaust Museum as Board Chair

Well-informed American citizens demonstrated [in Washington, DC, on April 22] against the historically false accusations constantly made against the German people and other nationalities whose only real crime was resisting the international gangsters who facetiously call their brand of exploitation "Communism."

The editorial starts out:

The mindless folks who were waving signs at the opening of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, last week claiming that the Holocaust never happened merely demonstrate why the museum is so important: to preserve the facts, before they disappear in the mists of history.

This has manifested itself byforcing the world to watch films about the Nazi concentration campsalmost every week of the year for the last half a century.

It is vital that humanity learns the errors of the past and theHolocaust has to be remembered.

“Lessons from the Holocaust Museum.”American Anthropologist.

But it would have seemed morally crass to call what that woman had been through as a girl "the Holocaust": It's beginning to sound like a brand name, of special utility to glib hawkers.

Address to Annual Conference of the Association of Holocaust OrganizationsJune 8, 2004

In summation:

The Holocaust extermination story is breaking down as suppressed evidence becomes better known, and as more people become aware of the facts about what is certainly the most hyped and politicized chapter of modern history.

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Incorporating a Study of the Holocaust into Existing Courses

- The Holocaust story now centers on just six former camps in Poland.

Holocaust Hatemongering

The Holocaust story is sometimes ued to promote hatred and hostility, particularly against the German people as a whole, eastern Europeans and the leadership of the Roman Catholic church.

Many place the atrocities of the Holocaust at Hitlers feet.

The Holocaust media campaign portrays Jews as totally innocent victims, and non-Jews as mortally retarded and unreliable beings who can easily turn into murderous Nazis under the right circumstances.

The truth of the Holocaust is of no concern to Christians." Nonsense!

For many Jews, the Holocaust has become both a flourishing buisness and a kind of new religion, as noted Jewish author and newspaper publisher Jacobo Timerman points out in his book, He reports that many Israelis, using the word Shoah, which is Hebrew for Holocaust, joke that "There's no business like Shoah business."

The truthfulness of the Holocaust is a moral issue.

Rubinstein of Australia has candidlyacknowledged: "If the Holocaust can be shown to be a 'Zionist myth,' the strongest of all weapons in Israel's propaganda armory collapses."

Holocaust Memorial Museum,writing in on September 8, 1998.

The sophisticated and well-financed Holocaust media campaign is crucially important to the intersts of Israel, which owes its existence to massive annual subsidies from American taxpayers.

Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

There is no end to the heavy-handed motion pictures, the simplistic television specials, the vindictive hunt for "Nazi-war criminals," the one-sided "educational courses," and the self-righteous appearances by politicans and celebrities at Holocaust "memorial services." Britain's chief rabbi, Immanuel Jakobovits, has accurately described the Holocaust campaign as "an entire industry, with handsome profits for writers, researchers, film-makers, monument builders, museum planners and even politicians." He added that some rabbis and theologians are "partners in this big business." (H.

Stern describes as "the growing Holocaust revisionist movement."

A leading newspaper of neutral Switzerland, the daily carefully estimated in June 1946 that no more than 1.5 million European Jews could have perished under German rule during the war June 13, 1946, p.2).

One-Sided "Holocaustomania"

Even after more than forty years, the stream of Holocaust films and books shows no sign of diminishing.

Holocaust Memorial Museum that so exercises the ADL and others.

As one Jewish historian has pointed out, "most of the memoirs and reports [of "Holocaust survivors"] are full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, partisan attacks and apologies." (Samuel Gringauz in (New York), January 1950, Vol.

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