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Essay on recent earthquake in japan - Community Creations

Japan’s Self Defense Forces have entered Hiroyasu, in a mountainous region of Kumamoto prefecture, to inspect the damage caused to roads and housing by the earthquake. “There has been significant damage to wooden housing around here,” Tanaka told the Guardian.

Head teacher Sosuke Tanaka hosted about 300 people at West Hiroyasu elementary school, which was turned into an evacuation centre, and said many in Kumamoto suffered a sleepless night. “We saw earthquakes through the evening, so many did not manage to get a proper night’s rest,” he said. About 120 aftershocks have been observed since the initial earthquake, more than 15 of which measured 3 or higher on the Japanese intensity scale.

The maximum Tsunami wave height is [not yet calculated] in Erimo, Japan

of the 2011 Japan earthquake that ..

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In response to the disasters in Japan, the Japanese American Association of New York has been facilitating and assisting relief efforts in collaboration with numerous NPOs and other organizations in NYC and the surrounding area. In 2012, one year after the disaster, many events were held in NYC. Honorary President Susan Onuma visited Tohoku as a member of this year's Japanese American Leadership Delegation sponsored by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in March and stayed on through the one year anniversary event. On March 12 she attended a reception given by Foreign Minister Gemba where she also had a chance to catch up with former Ambassador Nishimiya. While she was disappointed to see that many areas still had much work to be done due to extensive physical damage, she was heartened to learn that many young people were eager to get involved in Japan's recovery effort, as volunteers or young entrepreneurs. The overwhelming support and interest from foreign countries has also sparked a renewed interest among Tohoku students and young professionals to study abroad and/or enter fields where they can help others and also prevent future disasters. She met many such young students at the benefit dinner for the NPO "Beyond Tomorrow".

In the midst of a rare snowstorm for the eastern Tohoku region on February 26, a group representing the Japanese American Association of New York visited Rikuzentakada and Ofunato, two coastal areas that were hit hard by the earthquake and tsunami on March 11 of last year. Since nearly a year has passed from the tragic day, our goal was to survey the progress the area has made, especially in the realm of economic recovery. While physical devastation remain abundantly clear (see photo 1 of an abandoned apartment building in the middle of Rikuzentakada; the tsunami came up the fourth floor of the building as evidenced by the balcony panels still in place on the fifth floor but not on the lower floors. Photo 2 depicts an area that was once the center of Rikuzentakada, a city of 25,000 people; the photo shows only debris rubbles and vast empty space), we were encouraged by the entrepreneurial spirit of a fishing village working closely with a non-profit organization headed by a former investment banker to rebuild jobs and income.

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That afternoon, the other two volunteers drove us to Onagawa, an adjacent town in Ishinomaki, to learn more about the disaster. Several roadwork areas impeded our trip. Mr. Atsumi later informed us that the roadwork was one year overdue, and they were even reconstructing roads that no one uses. At Onagawa, we witnessed a house laying on its side, washed away tens of feet away from where it was originally located. A small shop displayed pictures taken before and during the earthquake and tsunami. The contrast between past and present was astonishing; a town with an abundance of houses and stores was reduced to rubble. We also learned that the water reached a level of 6.9 meters (about 20 feet) in the area.

Nepal earthquake: Haiti, Japan, Indonesia and the …

Science has created a map that provides a snapshot of the number of nuclear reactors in operation and under construction worldwide, locations of power plants in relation to seismic hazard zones, and reactions to events in Japan in some countries.

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03/04/2011 · Earthquake and Japan

Essay on earthquake in japan 2011 - Saffron Palate

Stanford scientists have identified key acoustic characteristics of the 2011 Japan earthquake that indicated it would cause a large tsunami. The technique could be applied worldwide to create an early warning system for massive tsunamis.

Essay on earthquake in japan 2011 ..

In the mid-nineteenth century, following more than 200 years of cultural isolation, Japan began a period of rapid modernization and military expansion that ended with its defeat in World War II and the signing of a pacifist constitution. The country experienced rapid economic growth following the war and, despite a major downturn in the 1990s, has remained an economic superpower. Prime Minister , prompted by a perceived threat from China, a decrease in American military presence and recent territorial disputes, has called for a reinterpretation of the constitution to allow for strengthening of Japan’s armed forces.

Earthquake and Japan - The Hindu

The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March, 2011 were generated on a fault that didn't rupture in the usual fashion, according to researchers at Stanford and the University of Tokyo. The rupture initially shot westward, then slowed in that direction while the fault began rupturing rapidly eastward.

Without the recent earthquake, Japan would no doubt have continued ..

This collection contains the early research and continued coverage of scientific insights into the mechanics of the Tohoku-Oki earthquake and its consequences for Japan.

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Onboard the oceangoing research ship the JOIDES Resolution, Jennifer Saltzman is busily blogging, broadcasting and helping with the research as the expedition drills into an earthquake zone off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The researchers are seeking to better understand how subduction zones trigger earthquakes, such as the one that recently savaged Japan.

Earthquake is one of the natural calamities

Wherever possible, we collaborate and coordinate with other organizations, including the Consulate General of Japan. In addition to our annual Sakura Health Month in the spring and Senior Month in the fall (both of which have been expanded over the years from one week to 4 weeks and now have more than 3,500 participants), we have raised funds for Kumamoto and continue to provide funds to Tohoku. This year, we were thrilled to have Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s wife, Mrs. Akie Abe, join our special keirokai luncheon in September.

Its origin can be traced to the early days of earth formation

The supplier of parts for aircraft and autos has become the latest major Japanese company to admit to falsifying inspection data for its products.

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