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Nursing shortage in the us essays on poverty Santa Maria

The issues discussed above creating shortage of nurses and affecting quality of healthcare services can be addressed by providing temporary and long-term solutions. Level of compensation for the nurses should be improved that include high wage-rate and providing of different tangible as well as intangible benefits. End-service benefits including pension should be compatible with other professions. (Brooker 349)For this purpose a comprehensive compensation plan specifically for the nurses should be designed and implemented catering to the needs of nurses and increasing level of satisfaction. Nursing profession can become more attractive and competitive by providing different intangible benefits including granting loans payable in easy installments, giving scholarships, chalking out a career plan, and allowing grants for nursing faculty. Working conditions for the nurses should be improved. This could be done by strengthening human resource policies aiming at solving issues like working long-hours, and receive a sustained pension income after retirement. Level of stress should be reduced as in other professions to improve the quality of services being offered. A short-term solution to address the issue of shortage is pulling nurses from other countries. Nurses from the developing countries having surplus in the pool of nursing workforce can be attracted in the country. Nurses in the developing and poor nations prefer to migrate mainly due to fulfilling the economic needs. Although, overall wage-rate in nursing profession is comparatively low, yet it is still competitive and lucrative for the people in other parts of the world. Therefore, pulling nurses from other countries- although a short-term solution- can address the problem of nurse-shortage.

As discussed above, compensation, bonus, and different other benefit issues have become the major reasons for the shortfall of nurses affecting quality of healthcare. United States is facing an acute shortage of nurses and this problem is expected to increase in the future. Hospitals and other medical organizations term it as a huge staffing crisis faced by the industry. Besides reasons mentioned above, other significant reason for the shortage of nurses is inadequate working conditions. Health organizations are compromising the nurse-to-patient- ratio affecting quality. Therefore, nurses are entering other occupations as they do not consider job of nursing as feasible and are not financially attracted. Studies have shown the fact that hospitals and private clinics facing shortage of nurses have high rate of poor patient outcomes affecting quality of healthcare services and increased chances of different medical complications including cardiac arrest and pneumonia etc. Furthermore, a huge gap exists between qualified, trained, skilled nurses and the overall demand or available positions. Although, shortage of nurses is not a new phenomenon, yet the problem has increased significantly for the last few years. The aging workforce with most of the baby boomers reaching old age, increase in population, and increased demand for healthcare services are not matched with the number of nurses entering the occupation increasing the rate of shortage. Unsafe environment and dangerous working conditions have created a grave concern among nurses. Nurses normally work long hours yet receive less benefits compared to other professions creating a high level of dissatisfaction. Many nurses are reaching age of retirement while a huge number had already retired. With few nurses choosing it a career the gap between demand and supply is increasing. Several nurses are also leaving the profession due to lucrative jobs being offered in other professions as they also prefer working in pleasant working environment with low stress.

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- Nursing/Physician Shortage Research Paper explores an order placed for a research paper on a significant contemporary issue in health care.

The Zambian government, the Clinton Foundation and LinkNet (website link) have helped with the ongoing development of the school. Development projects have included 1) A second student hostel, which was completed in 2009.2) The building of a further education block. This includes lecture theatres and a demonstration room. The construction of this complex should be completed in 2013. 3) The establishment of a computer laboratory. We are grateful to LinkNet for sending a team who supplied computers, helped to build the laboratory and also provided the initial internet connected for this facility.

My name is Fritz-Gerald Louis, I am a Haitian born US citizen , a devoted husband, a proud father of four and a Born Again Christian. I have been living in the United States for 26 years, and I have been working as a school bus driver transporting special aid children to and from school for the past fifteen years.
I was a posthume child who was raised by my grandmother because my father was killed one month before I was born. Also, due to a lack of financial input, my mother could not raise six children on her own. I was always told by my surroundings that my father was an extremely good man and because of that, the entire village felt compell to contribute in my upbringing. As the former First Lady and Newyork Senator who is currently the Secretary of State under the Obama Administration, Mrs Hilary Clinton stated: ” it takes a village to raise a child”, that statement took application in my life.
The real purpose of this essay is to ask to be granted a scholarship to help paying for a nursing course that I plan to study at Mildred elley NYC campus. Nurses are in high demand in our country and as the elderly population is rising, we need more nurses to help taking care of them. I am a person who cares for the world being of other people, I am always told by most people around me that I have an altruistic personality and the willingness to help other people is one of the greatest qualities I have. Now, at the age of forty five, I would like to be a devoted nurse. I want to give back some of what I received and also continue the legacy of my father.
On july 19 2010, I will start my sixteen month journey at Mildred Elley to earn a certificate as a License Practical Nurse and hopefully to continue trying to achieve my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse in the near future.
With the scholarship, my road to success will be paved and my accomplishments will be achieved. My country was devastated by an earthquake on January 12th of this year, the whole world responded heartedly to the crisis, however, as a Haitian born, I would like to offer my services and I know that when I have the necessary skills to do that, I will and I know that the scholarship will help ease the way.

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Healthcare has been on the forefront of the news and the mind of many people therefore the fact that we have a nursing shortage has everyone uncertain

The U S Is on the Verge of a Major Nursing Shortage The Atlantic xenien goethe schiller beispiel essay

Nursing industry is large and ranges from patients and other institutions from businesses to government. There are several issues, especially financial, confronted by the nurses creating shortage of nurses and decreasing patient-nurse ratio. Moreover, the working conditions in which they work are not considered satisfactory contributing to the phenomenon of shortfall. These problems should be resolved by the private businesses and also at the governmental level that should include fixing funding/problem. Many nurses today are not able to benefit from the retirement benefit plans including bonus. Furthermore, several compensation issues are being confronted by the nurses that also impede the quality of work. Compared with other fields, the wage-rate of nurses is not competitive. The annual increase-rate of wages is also comparatively low for nurses. Reasons for low-wage rate include the current global recession being faced by most of the companies increasing cost of businesses. Compensation for nurses is a phenomenon contributing to the gravity of nursing shortage. Set of compensations for nurses include their salaries but also room, transportation, laundry etc. It means that compensation not only includes money but also different other tangible as well as intangible benefits. (Gatford 101) The low-wage rate, high stress in job, unattractive end-service benefits like pensions, and unsatisfactory working conditions are creating dissatisfaction among nurses. Pension schemes offered by the institutions focus on providing affordable as well as sustainable incomes to the people after retirement. It is pertinent to highlight that pension plans and different other health benefits offered by the institutions are not satisfactory and has become one of the major concerns for the nurses. Furthermore, the mobility of nurses from one organization to other also reduces the chances of getting considerable benefits from one employer. Therefore compensation issues along with retirement benefits such as pension are creating shortage of nurses, increasing high rate of turnover and mobility to other professions impacting quality and quantity of healthcare services. (Barnett 113)

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The Marines DO NOT give scholarships for Nursing. This was an excellent article BUT all Medical aid and care to Marines is provided by Navy Medicine. A little better research is required before spouting incorrect information. OH and I know this first hand since I was a United States Navy Hospital Corpsman, FMF (Fleet Marine Forces) before beginning nursing school.

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Anyway I wonder If I could apply for nursing scholarship. I really want to study but I can’t to pay. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and have masters degree in Education administratio but I am supposed to finish it this year but I can’t to pay the school fees.

Nursing Shortage and Nursing Turnover - Term Paper

My name is waseline, am From Haiti I am enroll in a nursing program this fall, but do to my economic issues i still do not know how i am going to pay for the school. I have an admiration to help people I think being a nurse is the only way i can do that. If there are any scholarship out there or support, that can help me reach my goal and dream.
I can be sent an email at

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I am in need of a scholarship in nursing specialty. Is there any one who is truly human and non-self. I want such a person to support my candle.
I believe i can have any thing i want.

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My name is Kindle Lafferty. I am a 22 year old living in Florida with a great interest in reenrolling in school to become a LPN. I plan on attending Galen College of Nursing as of November 2012. I have always been extremely passionate about the medical field with dreams of working in nursing and psychology. My plan for years has been to achieve my LPN, and work in that field while I work on the bridge coursework to achieve my RN degree. After that, I plan on getting a degree in Psychology and working as a psychiatric nurse. There have been many roadblocks for me along the way, such as having a husband in the military, which meant we were always traveling too much for me to settle down on my own schooling. Fortunately, I am finally able to focus on myself and my degree and plan on enrolling in school in a few short months. I have applied for FAFSA and unfortunately it does not cover the full amount of my tuition for Galen. My husband and I recently separated, leaving me to depend on myself financially and put myself through school. It has been a major struggle but I am wholly determined to put myself through nursing school so I can have a career helping others and enjoying my job day to day. When I was in high school years ago I maintained a 3.8 GPA and received high honors in all of my classes. I am and always have been an extremely passionate and dedicated student, especially when it comes to the medical field. No matter what it takes, I am determined to push my way through medical school and I have no problem paying back loans that I received so I could do my career of choice. I hope that I can be considered for a scholarship as I am as determined and as dedicated as I could possibly be to attend Galen College of Nursing for the November 2012 cycle. Thank you for your consideration, and I am looking forward to hearing from whomever regarding the application process for a scholarship.

Essay on Shortage of Physicians In Canada 1624 Words | 7 Pages

My name is Debbie Morgan. I am twenty nine years old and a mother of three children ages four, five, and ten. I will be attending nursing school in August 2012. I am in hopes of receiving a scholorship due to the fact that I will not be able to work while going to school. I feel that getting a scholorship will help me better support my family by having more food to put on the table and by being able to send them to school in descent clothing. Futhering my education is the only way that I will be able to make good money. I am currently a phlebotomist in a clinic and am only making a little over minimum wage. It will feel good to be able to get through nursing school and make good money so my children won’t have to do without so much. Unfortunately, my husband has a lot of health problems and it really worries me what will happen to my family if something would happen to him. I know that until I do make nursing wages I will not be able to afford my children. That is really stressful to me. My kids mean the world to me and I would love to provide them with all their needs. A schlorship will help out greatly even if it only is enough to pay for my uniforms. Every little bit helps and would be greatly appreciated.
I would love to become a LPN not only for financial reasons, but also because I have a compassion for helping others. I enjoy going to work everday to talk and help my patients. I would love to broaden my knowledge and skills for knowing what to do in any situation that may arise. I want to study hard in school and remember as much as possible so I can be a good nurse and have the ability to offer number one patient care. Patient happiness and satisfaction is very important to me. I hope to be able to comfort my patients while sick, in pain, or just having fear about being at the doctor or in the hospital.I understand that the nursing profession can be very overwhelming and stressful, but at the same time it is a very rewarding job. Just being able to make your patients smile or to bring one back to life is worth every moment.

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