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Should the driving age be raised to 21?

However, they forget one fact: adolescents can vote or start driving at the ageof 18 (in some countries even before that age!), which proves that they areconsidered physically and psychologically mature

He recalled a moment driving his car when a Bruce Springsteen song came on the radio. It triggered a sudden, unexpected surge of sadness. He instinctively went to pick up his phone and text as many friends as possible. Then he changed his mind, left his phone where it was, and pulled over to the side of the road to weep. He allowed himself for once to be alone with his feelings, to be overwhelmed by them, to experience them with no instant distraction, no digital assist. And then he was able to discover, in a manner now remote from most of us, the relief of crawling out of the hole of misery by himself. For if there is no dark night of the soul anymore that isn’t lit with the flicker of the screen, then there is no morning of hopefulness either. As he said of the distracted modern world we now live in: “You never feel completely sad or completely happy, you just feel … kinda satisfied with your products. And then you die. So that’s why I don’t want to get a phone for my kids.”

Raising the driving age would not decrease teen fatalities and lessen teen responsibilities.

Indeed, driving also gives teenagers an education.

Maybe their teenager was not ready or not responsible enough to drive.

Safe elderly drivers require the complex coordination of many different skills. The physical and mental changes that accompany ageing can diminish the abilities of elderly drivers. These include:

When the question of declining driving abilities becomes personal, the issues involved with elderly driving are very emotional. Elderly drivers might get defensive, even angry when the subject of their driving abilities is raised. Thus, include the elderly person in the decision-making process if at all possible, rather than dictate a decision to them. It can also be very helpful if both you and your elderly loved one discuss the matter together with family members, doctors, and other people they respect, such as clergy and friends. But, despite your best efforts, you may still have to make the decision to stop for them for their own safety and the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

The pros of raising the driving age.

Revoking an elderly person’s driver’s license over a certain age is not an acceptable solution. Elderly driving skills vary widely at all ages. It is unfair to punish most elderly drivers for problems caused by only a few drivers.

THE DEBATE:Should America raise the driving age to 21?The debate's pros and cons.

In conclusion, I believe from the above discussed points that governments should continue to issue driving license at age of 18 because it is the perfect age to learn driving and teenagers need to have their own transport to enjoy life. However, their intention to drive furiously could be controlled by enforcing strict traffic laws and legislation in place.

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The cons of raising the driving age.

Raising the Legal Driving Age - Term Paper

However, some people believe that minimum age limit to issue driving license should be increased to 25 years because they see driving as a serious affair. Most youngsters get carried away by passion to ride at high speed and lead to serious road accidents. For instance, in a country like India where roads are so shabby and easy to cause vehicle collision, speeding is a common factor for serious fatalities. Therefore, driving should be permitted at age of 25 to ensure safety of citizens.

Read this essay on Raising the Legal Driving Age

Firstly, people who argue that 18 is the perfect age to start driving a car is because they feel that most teenagers become biologicallymature at this age. Most countries have concluded through several scientific studiesthat juveniles can learn driving and overcome their road fear at early age like 18. Moreover, during this mature age they start going to college and need to have enough facilities like own transport to live an independent life. Hence, most countries allow to start driving at 18 years.

Task 2 Essay: Driving Age - IELTS buddy

Good luck!: Cloning: Capital Punishment/Death Penalty: Gun Control: Same Sex Marriage: Euthanasia: Abortion Rights: Violence In Media: School Dress Code: Driving Laws: Adoption: Other Common Issues Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Copy of Should the driving age be raised to 21

Some people support the rule 18 years as minimum age to start riding car; however other feel that this age limit should be increased to 25. This essay will discuss both the views and give a reasonable conclusion.

Transcript of Copy of Should the driving age be raised to 21

Every day I was with artists who wholly embraced intuition as a driving force for their creativity — and cultura as a way to express it, be it through Danza Azteca Flor y Canto, or teatro.About the same time, I found myself drawn to anything with the shape or image of a lizard.

Should the driving age be raised to 21

In my opinion, I feel that this is just a waste of time.

The driving age should not be raised to 18 years old because, like I said before, many teens depend on their privilege to drive, accident rate most likely will stay the same, and teens will just do it anyways.

Age of Driving | Teen Opinion Essay | Teen Ink

Encourage your loved one to rely more on public transportation. This will reduce their time behind the wheel and help prepare them for the day when they can no longer drive. Many cities offer special discounts for seniors on buses and trains, and senior centres and community service agencies often provide special transportation alternatives.

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