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Cats, unlike dogs, are independent.

Having a dog as a pet over a cat is much more enjoyable and beneficial to your life, specifically because of their behavior, convenience, and loyalty....

and have lived among humans thousands of years. Still today they are by far the most popular . However cats and dogs are also very different in their characteristics and behavior.

Even though they are both caring animals, dogs and cats have their differences....

Watch a cat eat, andthen watch a dog.

I didn’t really know the differences between cats and dogs until I had my own dog....

Certainly, the dog hasso little imagination and individuality that it knows no motives but its master’s; butwhat sophisticated mind can descry a positive virtue in this stupid abnegation of a birthright?

The cat-lover need not be amazed at another’s love for dogs—indeed, he mayalso possess this quality himself; for dogs are often very comely, and as lovable in a condescendingway as a faithful old servant or tenant in the eyes of a master—but he cannot help feelingastonishment at those who do not share his love for cats.

Cats are usually scared of dogs, and the dogs usually chase the cats.

The dog but the cat
Simple folk always overstress the ethical element in life, and it is quitenatural that they should extend it to the realm of their pets.

Children, old crones,peasants, and dogs ramble; cats and philosophers stick to their point.

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Cats and dogs also hunt in different ways.

Compare and Contrast Essay on Pet Dog or Cat Essay …

However, this great disparity between dogs and cats should not seem alarming considering the fact that dogs have been around for centuries as the human's steadfast animal companion.

Compare and Contrast Essay on Pet Dog or Cat Essay

Unlike cats, dogs have sense of usefulness and belonging that appeals to a larger segment of the American population.
More dogs are in ... animals and need attention like humans.

Dogs vs Cats Compare and Contrast Essay | Essay …

Instead of living an active life like a dog, cats would rather sleep twenty hours out of the day and therefore turns away many potential owners.
So, clearly dogs offer what cats can not, and appeal more to a larger segment of the human population, thus, more dogs are found in more American ...

Free Essays on Compare And Contrast On Cats And Dogs

No doubthe imagines that this arrangement, in view of my own emphatic bias, makes for something likeultimate fairness; but for me it is exceedingly inconvenient, since it will force me to be moreor less original in several parts of the ensuing remarks.
Between dogs and cats my degree of choice is so great that it would never occurto me to compare the two.

Compare And Contrast On Cats And Dogs

I have no active dislike for dogs, any more than I have for monkeys,human beings, negroes, cows, sheep, or pterodactyls; but for the cat I have entertained a particularrespect and affection ever since the earliest days of my infancy.

free essay on Domestic Comparison of Cats and Dogs

It isno accident that the contemplative Egyptians, together with such later poetic spirits as Poe,Gautier, Baudelaire, and Swinburne, were all sincere worshippers of the supple grimalkin.
Naturally, one’s preference in the matter of cats and dogs depends whollyupon one’s temperament and point of view.

Essay on Compare and Contrast Cats and Dogs - 649 Words

The real lover of cats is one who demands a clearer adjustment to the universe than ordinaryhousehold platitudes provide; one who refuses to swallow the sentimental notion that all goodpeople love dogs, children, and horses while all bad people dislike and are disliked by such.

Cat vs Dog - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

Catlovers escape this delusion, repudiate the idea that cringing subservience and sidling companionshipto man are supreme merits, and stand free to worship aristocratic independence, self-respect,and individual personality joined to extreme grace and beauty as typified by the cool, lithe,cynical, and unconquered lord of the housetops.
Persons of commonplace ideas—unimaginative worthy burghers who are satisfiedwith the daily round of things and who subscribe to the popular credo of sentimental values—willalways be dog-lovers.

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the world

Keep in mind how much better your cat’s sense of smell is when compared to yours. They have incredibly keen noses and just because your nose cannot detect an odor, this does not mean that your cat’s nose cannot smell the waste products.

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