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A comparison of Eastern and Western Culture - Essay

The things which are often most important in our society can often be categorised under the superficial titles of wealth, security, attractiveness and success, whereas in tribal culture the important things appear to be tradition and beliefs, and their success lies in survival; both their own survival and the survival of their culture. In this particular case it seems it’s 1-0 in the conflict between the maintenance of tribal culture and Western expansion, but the struggle is still far from resolved.

At the centre of the struggle was the Dongria’s sacred mountain, which the Dongrias worship, believing the top of the mountain to be the seat of their god Niyam Raja. At the other end of the spectrum Vedanta Resources simply saw it as a huge deposit of bauxite worth $2billion. Whilst we Westerners permitted Coca-Cola to bound in and turn Father Christmas from green to red for the sake of advertising, indeed we were actively involved in this change, conversely, the Dongri Kondh kept up a persistent battle against the huge organisation in order to protect their traditions, livelihood and the sanctity of their most religious site.

Eastern people often feel confident that they know quite a bit about western culture.

Eastern Culture vs Western Culture Essay Sample

West Cultural Comparison

This suggests a more likely gradual contribution from intermittent contacts with cultures from the Caucasus during the Mesolithic-Neolithic and Neolithic-Chalcolithic transitions, joint with the westward expansions (and probably inner west-east movements) of Middle Indo-European speakers in the Pontic-Caspian steppe and beyond its natural frontiers to the north.

Artist Yang Liu was born in Beijing and has been living in Germany for over 20 years. This gives her an insight into the way Chinese and German culture differs, and Liu created an exhibition which was later made into a book, called ‘East Meets West’.

Differences between family in western and eastern culture

Whether or not there is ever a cessation of hostilities, North Carolina is not immune to national food trends. A couple of the places we visited informed customers that their barbecue was made from locally raised pigs that are hormone- and antibiotic-free. In the Research Triangle, it’s possible to eat barbecue in a restaurant that wouldn’t seem out of place in Tribeca. One evening, John and Dale and I drove to Durham to eat at The Pit, which, in a building that has the look of an old warehouse, seems to be an effort to do authentic barbecue in a trendy setting. It was filled with a young crowd—drawn partly, I assumed, from nearby Duke University. On one of the brick walls, there was an artfully arranged display of cleavers. Another wall was lined with what looked like enlargements of some nineteenth-century illustrations of pigs. The menu had barbecue in both the Eastern and the Lexington styles, along with typical barbecue sides, like slaw and collard greens. But it also had Jowl Bacon Bruschetta and Barbecue Nachos and Fried North Carolina Catfish and Barbecued Tofu. The Pit has a wine list. It has valet parking, although John did not avail himself of that service. Since it cooks its barbecue exclusively with wood—its former pitmaster was Ed Mitchell, one of the legends of North Carolina barbecue—The Pit is certified by the Campaign for Real Barbecue.

Eastern vs. Western Culture Essay - 1208 Words

Every thing that concerns you concerns me & I should be most unhappy if I thought we did not belong to each other forever…"

All things considered it becomes distinctly possible to suggest that the Faith and Reason debate has long been conducted "at cross-purposes" with Faith upholding what it believes of as being Spiritual Truth, (whilst tending in many cases to regard scientific truth as being of importance but of ultimately lesser significance), and Reason upholding what it perceives of as being Scientific Truth (whilst often having little or no conception that Spiritual Truth could be of value or even exist).

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Top 10 Differences Between Eastern and Western Cultures

Essay about Eastern Culture vs Western Culture - 662 …

There can be no doubt that "Modernity," in the westernised world, holds Rationality and Science in very high esteem whilst the validity, or importance, of any attempts at Spiritual Insight are widely dismissed and disregarded.

I would have chosen to be a citizen of the Western Culture

For some years, I’m now prepared to admit, I somehow labored under the impression that Rocky Mount is the line of demarcation that separates the two principal schools of North Carolina barbecue. Wrong. The line of demarcation is, roughly, Raleigh, sixty miles west. The Research Triangle—the area encompassing Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill—is a sort of demilitarized zone, where someone who’s been concentrating on the barbecue scene, as I was on my most recent visit, half expects to see the distinctive blue helmets of United Nations peacekeepers. Rocky Mount is within the eastern North Carolina sphere of influence, where barbecue means the whole hog, chopped, with a vinegar-based sauce that is flavored with pepper. To the west of the DMZ lies territory controlled by the forces of what is variously called Piedmont- or Western- or Lexington-style barbecue—a version that uses only pork shoulders, chopped (or, sometimes, sliced), with a sauce that is also vinegar-based but has been turned pinkish by the addition of ketchup or tomato sauce. All of that should have been obvious even to somebody who, being from Kansas City, was brought up to assume that barbecue meant ribs or beef brisket, with a thick, tomato-based sauce, and that the presence of chopped-up meat at a barbecue joint would be an indication that a customer of long standing had absent-mindedly shown up without his teeth.

Difference Between Eastern and Western Culture

We are very hopeful that the content of this page will be seen as tending to better establish the claims of Spirituality to a fully respected validity without any attempt to dismiss the contributions of Science.

Religion was almost universally practiced by people living in "the West" prior to the impact of such things as Charles Darwin proposing a Theory of Evolution of Species.

Differences Between Eastern And Western Cultures - …

The indigenous tribal groups based in the Orissa state, Eastern India are called the Kondha. They are said to have descended from the Proto-Australoid ethnic group, an ancient hunter-gatherer society and thus are characterised by their adaptability to the forest environment. However, as is often the case with tribal cultures, they are being forced into more modern ways of life by the numerous development interventions and their traditions, beliefs and social norms are continually and drastically being changed.

impact of western culture on india

Spiritual Authorities would have us believe in "Faith-Related" Truths ~ scientists would have us believe in other Truths which they hold to be "Scientifically Valid."

Could it be that Human Beings are capable of d-e-e-p spirituality notwithstanding the "Rational" theories offered by Science?

How Did Judaism Influence The Western Culture Free …

It is so often the case that in Western society a tradition which has become tedious or dated is simply thrown out of the window in favour of one that seems more beneficial or fun. Christmas is vigilantly maintained whilst Sunday mass has become increasingly unpopular – and yet these traditions both stem from the Christian faith and should be upheld in equal measure. Whilst researching various indigenous tribes based in Asia, I became aware of the enormity of the problems they face and can only describe the sheer lengths to which they go to, in order to uphold their traditions and beliefs, as a great feat of human bravery.

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