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That's called being a parent. How about the moms that work an actual 40 hour work week outside of the home AND come home and do everything you just mentioned in this article? Does that make us super-moms? I get up at the butt crack of dawn, get myself & my child ready, fed & out the door to school and work every day. I then go to an actual job for 8 hours a day to make money for my family. After that I go pick up my kid, go to the grocery store, makes sure my family has dinner to eat, make sure my son gets his homework done, do the household laundry, put my son to bed, and then finally crash on the couch for an hour.....then it's off to bed so I can get up the next morning and do it all again. Stay at home mom's have it easy compared to us working mom's. They have an extra 8 hours a day to get everything done!

Where is that extra 8 hours a day? You missed the point completely. Us SAHM do the job of 15 people whike taking care of everyone else in the house. I'm not going to ever judge or put down a working mother, but because I'm a SAHM doesnt mean I get to veg on the couch in my pj's all day eating ding dongs. You are too closed minded for your own good!

side note: Kudos for being able to hold down a job and maintain a household. I am not afforded that luxury, fulltime daycare for 4 children would completely devour any income I did incur. I do whole heartedly commend you on your job, don't you dare say mine is easy until you've walked in my shoes!

While our world was being reduced to the size of ceaseless dread, Ella’s was expanding.

Is the essay you write just as important as your SAT scores?

This did not seem, to me, to be the most interesting topic to read about.

I'm a stay at hm mom of 4boys 1girl and ecpecting my 6th starting at 9 and there all 19 to 22 months part I home school I do all the office work for my husband's trucking company, so I'm busy 7 days a week from 7 to 10 at night ,laundry, school,cleaning,going into shop to work in office I cook three meals a day pack snacks, play at park, and take all five kids swimming 3 days a week and my husband is only hm 1 day a week I loved this article but I'm paid in the best ways kids constantly saying they love me want to snuggle kisses and hugs I'll take that over any pay check love my family

Even though this book is not yet considered a classic novel, it is still significant because it teaches readers about valuable lessons of friendship, demonstrates how to deal with difficult situations and understand the true meaning of life....

After reading the essay, Janine thought the point was unclear

At some point it becomes necessary to ‘restart the war’ 75 years after the event on the leading page of World War II Today. Conveniently the war in Europe ended on 8th May 1945, it had begun in earnest on 10th May 1040 ( I realise the Poles, Danes and Norwegians might not wholly agree – although the stories from the first months of the war 1939-1940 remain accessible in the WWII Today archives).

Generally speaking, the following Times sections offer good models for personal essays:

Nice feel-good article but this will play more to those who make closer to minimum wage. A doctor could easily make over $200,000... that is more than double the average cost of a stay-at-mom so she can easily pay someone to do all that work and still bank close to $100,000 after taxes. I know which i would choose in a heart beat.

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Mary, thanks for reading! And thanks for the honesty. I think my wife is in the same boat, that she is loving it while it's necessary, but is looking forward to getting back out of the house at some point.

think they can “know” your child after reading a 500 word essay?

This is very kind and sweet and gives your wife and some mothers some well earned respect and appreciation. However, I think the Christian community needs to continue working hard to support all mothers who are serving their family as unto the Lord - regardless of if they are called to work inside the home, outside the home, from home, part time, homeschooling, opposite shifts than their husband, in a daycare so they can bring their children to work - whatever their unique calling is. God calls women to do all sorts of different things and it is obedience to Him, not one type of calling that not all receive, that should be encouraged.

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THANK YOU!!! I am a SAHM of two. I have a 2.5 year old son and a 8 month old daughter. I also "nanny" my best friends son. I always feel under appreciated and taken for granted. It's like the old saying that you don't notice something someone does until they stop doing it. (Un)fortunately, that is not an option as a mom! And ON TOP of all you listed, we are still expected to me a wife, a friend, and "just a mom" (not the "nanny" part)!! It's exhausting!! I'm glad there are people who understand the stress it is to be a SAHM! I wouldn't change it for the world, but it does kind of get annoying when people say "aww, you're so lucky to stay home and do nothing but snuggle/play with your kids all day!" And I'm like... Uh... Excuse me WHAT?!?!

9 College Essay Topics Everyone's Tired of Reading …

Stephani, thanks for reading! I have to admit that when my wife and I decided on a policy of responding to every comment, we never could have imagined one of our posts generating so much interest! haha.

9 College Essay Topics Everyone’s Tired of Reading About

I wonder what the cost of being a full-time carer of a terminally ill child (2 years) would be, following 8 years of heart surgeries and life-threatening conditions would be (totaling 10 years before his passing). On top of caring for 2 younger children

Too many of you write about the same essay ..

Oh how I love this post!!! I stay home with our daughter (2) mon-fri and have our son (5) who I put on and get off the bus everyday as well. My husband goes to work from 7-5 weekdays, sometimes leaves me with them on Saturdays from 8-12p. Tues, wed, Thurs evenings after dinner, I leave and put in a few hours at my own job (and Sunday afternoons as well)

Its a lot of work...I love the bit where it says she has as much right to the income as he does. I feel more accomplished by reading this article!

After Reading The Essay Janine >>>CLICK HERE - College of ..

I work full-time as I am the primary breadwinner and have the benefits. I do all those things mentioned except homeschool - I shop, pay bills, clean, cook, shuttle kids to activities, etc. No one else is doing these things for me, and the majority of the time, these things cannot be done during the 8-5 hours because of work. So I do them at night or on the weekend. I appreciate the sentiment of the article, but I know I've seen this several times before. It just seems to make SAHMs feel valued and happy and working moms frustrated because we do that stuff, too! I've never been a SAHM, except during maternity leave, but compared to my demanding corporate job, being home then seemed to be pretty manageable. Let's just say all moms are valuable!

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